Kenquest Medical is one of the largest provider of New and Used C-Arms for sale. Our Refurbished Fluoroscopic C-Arm Machines are offered for sale, lease or rent throughout the United States.

We sell a full range of compact, mini, and full-size C-Arms Systems (x-ray image intensifiers for fluoroscopy) with specifications designed to fit the needs of doctors, hospitals, operating rooms, surgical centers, dentists, veterinarians, and healthcare providers.

  • Major C-Arm brands and models include GE, OEC, Phillips, Siemens, Ziehm, Comed and Genoray.
  • All new C-Arms include a two year (or better) warranty
  • All refurbished or used C-Arms include a complete 6 or 12 months parts and labor warranty.

Available Full Size and Mobile C-Arm Equipment For Sale